The best place to experience this kind of high-level skill set is where the works is actually done on site, at Premier Studios. This provides you with a great access to hear it right from the very professionals who are doing this day in, and day out. This is an incredible opportunity that is available to you to meet with the experts and gain the knowledge you've been looking for. These experts, through their own success, have proven they know how to succeed in the highly competitive music, songwriting, post mix, and audio engineering fields. These industry experts will pass their knowledge and experience on to you, in Premier Studios, sharing their valuable, real life, working conditions. These studio mentors, impart both professional, and technical skills, bridging the gap between technical knowledge and the real workplace.

Premier Studios is now offering Basic and Master clinics for Audio Engineering, Music Production, Vocal Production and Post-Production. These clinics are designed to put you in touch with great music producers, songwriters, tracking & mix engineers and sound designers for television and film. These new clinics are designed to be private sessions in Premier Studios, the same studio rooms that these industry professionals work on a daily basis. This is great opportunity to gain significant knowledge and ask questions directly with top music industry professionals. All forms of experience, from amateur to professional are accepted. These clinics are offered in 2-hour increments daily, from 9am to 1pm. Weekdays and weekends available.

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1. The Real Studio Environment: How Things Work

• Discussions on how things work in the studio.

     1-Personal interaction with the clients, and professional etiquette.

     2-How do these people succeed in this challenging market.

     3-Discussions about Outboard Gear and Microphone use.

     4-The SSL J9000


2. Using Protools for Mixing with an SSL Console

• Everyone says they Mix in the box, is that trulywhat’s happening?

     1-The marriage of Protools and the SSL J9000

     2-Tracking & Mixing Techniques

     3-Using the Outboard Gear thru the SSL

     4-Benefits and advantages of using the SSL to Mix


3. Balancing Your Mixes and Using Dynamics & Effects Skillfully

• Learn from the Pro’s what they choose and why

     1-Discussing the most commonly used Plugins

     2-Comparing Outboard Gear to Plugins

         -advantages vs disadvantages

     3-How to achieve great balance in your mixes

     4-Using Mastering Plugins to get the ultimate final quality


4. Microphone Preferences for Setups and Placement

• Learn to choose the best Mics for your setup

     1-What Mics are best for your specific needs

     2-Why choose Ribbon, Condensor, or Small Diaphragm

     3-Tube Mics vs Solid State

     4-Acquiring the “sweet spot” in your Mic placement

     5-Choosing the right Mic for a vocalist

     6-What Mic Pre & Compressor should you use in your vocal chain


5. The Entire Record Making Process form Tracking to Mixing to Mastering

• Producing a Record

     1-Writing the arrangement

     2-Production Software and Live Instruments


     4-Vocal Production



     7-Digital Media & Distribution


6. Songwriting & Production Q&A

       • Meet the Masters

       1-Learn techniques from master songwriter’s, how to be great

       2-What you want to achieve with your Lyrics and Style

       3-Discussions on song form

       4-Protools, Logic, Maschine, MPC, USB Controller’s

       5-What Virtual Synths and Drum Production Software are best

       6-Building and Designing a great track

       7-Master Vocal Production Techniques

       8-Building up and breaking down the sections of your track


7. Master Engineering Techniques

        • Meet the Masters

        1-Protools Setup Template

        2-Preferential Mic Concepts for discussion

        3-Prepping the song for mixing

        4-SSL Mixing Techiniques

        5-Protools Mix Edit Techniques

        6-Making Bounces

        7-Backups & Uploads


 8. Master Music Production Techniques

         • Meet the Masters

        1-Starting with an Idea

        2-Building that Idea into full blown production

        3-Choosing Great Sounds, Virtual Synths, & Beat Making Software

        4-Building a Strong Rhythm Base

        5-Editing the Production into a Breathing Song Form

        6-Shape Track for Vocal

        7-Tracking Vocals and Editing Production to Prep for Mix


9. Master Vocal Production Techniques

         • Meet the Masters

        1-Establishing the Vocals with the Lyric

        2-The Importance of the Melody and the Harmony working together

        3-Building the Vocal Performance throughout the song

        4-Expanding the Lead Vocal, with Choir Backgrounds, Building the Arrangement

        5-Doubling Quadrupling, and Panning

        6-Blending Vocal Levels with the Track


10. Master Post Edit & Mixing Techniques

         • Meet the Masters

        1-Discussing ISDN & Phone Patch

        2-Tracking Voice Over’s & Dialogue for Television, Commercials, & Film Scripts

        3-Video Editing with Dialogue, Sound Mixing

        4-Coordinating with the Producers in other localities via ISDN