The truth about the music industry is simple yet tough to understand: a degree is a meaningless representation of your time wasted. Why waste hundreds of thousands of dollars and four years of your life to end up in serious debt with no guarantee of a job in the music industry?

With Premier Studios Seminars, you can learn from professionals who make a living working on music. With a low cost, compared to the highly overpriced vocational schools, you also get a guaranteed internship, Premier Studios Seminars are the only way to truly get ahead in the music industry without a financial burden (student loans). 

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The Program Consists Of:

I. Production and Songwriting

 Virtual Synths & Sampling

Harmony, Melody & Texture


Looping & Variation In The Beat

and more

II. Recording

Protools Setup Template

What Mics are best for your specific needs

The Myths and Realities of Ribbon vs. Condensor vs. Dynamic

Tracking Vocals and Editing Production to Prep for Mix

Prepping the song for mixing

Acquiring the “sweet spot” in your Mic placement

Pre-Amplification, Compressor, and Equalization

and more

III. Mixing

SSL Mixing Techiniques

Protools Mixing Techniques

Processing Signal Flow Using Outboard Gear and Plugins

and more